Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Executive Resource Management, LLC. is pleased to announce that Chad Steiner will be its new Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Steiner brings fourteen years of experience in institutional and retail brokerage to the recruiting platform. Mr. Steiner transitioned into financial recruiting after spending several years as a consultant and managing partner of a boutique recruiting firm in Northwest, Illinois. Executive Resource Management, LLC. has been at the forefront of business recruiting for twenty five years, specializing in the financial, legal and health care sectors. The company maintains its main offices in Barrington and Chicago, Illinois and also has a significant presence in New York, Canada and the United Kingdom.  President and founder T. Vincent LuBecky commented, "Mr. Steiner has demonstrated a track-recordof implementing business procedures and processes that will expand and fulfill  the recruiting needs of our clients;  I have the utmost faith and confidence in Mr. Steiner's ability for the continued domestic and international growth of Executive Resource Management, LLC."

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