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Biography Dr. Donald C. Arthur from Mainline Health Care 2007

 Donald C. Arthur, MD, who recently retired as a Vice Admiral in the United States Navy, joined Main Line Health as Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer on November 5. Dr. Arthur comes to Main Line Heath following a 33-year distinguished military career. He most recently served as Surgeon General of the Navy and Chief, Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.
At Main Line Health, Dr. Arthur will work with the non-profit health system's medical and clinical staff to further improve quality and patient safety initiatives for its acute care hospitals of Bryn Mawr, Lankenau, Paoli and Riddle, the Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital, and the Main Line Health Centers.   
During his naval career, Dr. Arthur was CEO of two Navy Hospitals, including the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda. His medical experience also includes board certification in Emergency Medicine and Aerospace/Preventive Medicine. He has been a director of Graduate Medical Education, conducted and supervised worldwide research, and is widely published. During Desert Storm, he experienced combat in support of the Marine Corps. As Surgeon General, he was responsible for medical and dental services for more than 700,000 active duty service members, and 2.6 million retirees and family members in 30 military treatment facilities, including major medical and teaching hospitals.
Dr. Arthur has received numerous awards and medals, including two Distinguished Service Medals and the American College of Healthcare Executives' Federal Excellence in Healthcare Leadership Award. He is past president of the Association of Military Surgeons, the Aerospace Medical Association, and the Society of U.S. Naval Fight Surgeons and is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.
Dr. Arthur earned his medical degree from the College of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, NJ; served his surgical internship at Bethesda's National Naval Medical Center, and completed his Emergency Medicine Residency at the Naval Hospital in San Diego. He received his undergraduate degree from Northeastern University, Boston, MA.
Published: 11-05-2007
Frieda Schmidt
Media Relations
Main Line Health

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Maximize Your Sales and Revenues with Modern Transaction Equipments by Josef Toth

As a merchant, you always look for the easiest ways to maximize your sales and revenues. You need to attract as much customers as possible towards your shop or business establishments. There are several ways of attracting customers like advertizing your business, products, or services. Aggressive online and offline marketing also helps in getting fresh set of customers every day.
However, there are some other unexplored ways of increasing your revenues. You can adopt modern transaction equipments like Cashless ATM, Credit Card Processing Systems, Gift Cards, and Touch and Buy services. You can have dual benefits of adopting these new age equipments. Your customers can enjoy their shopping and other services being provided by you without any waiting and you can earn additional revenues on each transaction made by your customers.
Nowadays, people tend to carry less cash along with them due to inconvenience and security reasons attached with more cash. They prefer carrying plastic money (Credit Cards or Debit Cards) with them while on shopping or outdoor tours. It is a safer as well as more convenient option of shopping for customers. A majority of modern customers have similar tendency for shopping. That means if you do not want to lose your revenues and sales then you should keep yourself ready to serve these customers. For that, you need to adopt modern equipments for banking and transaction processing. After their implementation, you will be able to attract more and more customers to your stores with hassle free payments systems.
There are several companies providing different types of cashless equipments (Cashless ATM, Credit Card Processing Systems, Gift Cards, and Touch and Buy services). You can contact them and ensure installation of any of the above-described equipments in your store. These equipments accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, debit cards, Gift and loyalty Cards, and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) transactions.
You can enjoy following benefits after adopting these service:
1. Increase sales, store traffic, and average purchase by every customers,
2. Earn money of every transaction made by your customers,
3. No need for any human cashier thus a cost-cutting alternative for you,
These are just glimpses of benefits. Once you implement cashless ATM's or other transaction equipments in your business. You will start experiencing several other benefits increasing your overall revenue and profits.

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Cashless Scrip ATM - A Smart Way of Making Payments by Josef Toth

We all live in digital age. If we look back to the time, people had to carry cash with them whenever they used to go for shopping. Problem used to arise, when there was the need of big amount for heavy shopping. Therefore, ATM cards came into picture, but again cash ATM's were not easily accessible everywhere. However, introduction of cashless ATM's resolved the issue completely.
Cashless ATM's have made shopping fun rather than hassle. Cashless scrip ATM's are now used everywhere, be it any department store, beauty saloon, branded clothing, accessories or footwear showroom, multiplex, food chain, hotel or gas station. Moreover, nowadays cash payment system has been automated at parking lots and toll taxes also and people have an option to pay by using their ATM cards. Overall, cashless scrip ATM's have simplified the process of making payments.
Not only shoppers, but using cashless ATM's benefits the merchants also. Both shoppers and merchants enjoy different kinds of advantages by using cashless ATM's.
Advantages for Shoppers-
1- First and foremost advantage of making payments through cashless ATM's is the safety measures associated with it. Cashless ATM's do not contain or tie-up your cash.
2- As compared to credit cards, cashless ATM's reduce the processing fee; however, sometimes the processing fee gets eliminated also.
3- It helps to reduce the excessive expenditure as through ATM cards only a fixed required amount is paid whereas with credit cards, consumers are always tend to overspend.
4- Shopping with cashless ATM's make the payments simpler as it does not ask for anything else except your ATM card. Moreover, you receive a printed statement then and there which is acceptable in bank.
Advantages for Merchants-
1- To receive payments through cashless ATM's is an easy task, as cashless scrip ATM is user-friendly and one can operate it comfortably.
2- Being a merchant you can increase your profit by thousands of dollars, just by using cashless scrip ATM.
3- Programming can be set for choosing an increment of $10 to $20 for each cashless transaction.
4- As compared to conventional credit card processing machines, you can save extra processing fee and can process transaction at no extra cost caused to business.
Being aware of these benefits, who would not prefer to opt for cashless ATM's system? Nowadays every smart merchant and consumer is getting benefited with it. By offering dual benefits, cashless ATM's neither disappointed consumers nor merchants.